Elephant: Guan Xiao on Flattened Metal at ICA, London

Published in Elephant

By: Guan Xiao

Apr 24, 2016

This week, ICA London opened a solo exhibition of works by Chinese artist Guan Xiao in association with K11 Art Foundation. GX’s work explores current ways of seeing, as influenced by the mass circulation of digital images. Here, she discusses the work shown in Flattened Metal, and her recent inclusion in Zabludowicz Collection’s Emotional Supply Chains.

Whenever we are brought into a scenario in which each factor exists by its own right and does not correlate to one another via language, what makes the correlation is the onlooker (language, likewise, does not necessarily stand for itself via humans’ correlation). Through different backgrounds and different experiences, the viewer relates one thing onto another in their own way. The information is generated through the mutual action of the looking and the looked. It is not pictorial, nor linguistic, nor aural. For me, such delivery of information is quite accurate. When we express what the information is really about, any translation is a simplification, partialized. The information decreases in the process.


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