Xie Nanxing


    Xie Nanxing (b. 1970) currently lives and works in Beijing and Chengdu. He is a revolutionary and experimental painter, who always challenges tradition and the seemingly established rules of art education. He is interested in psychology and also approaches his practice with a psychologist’s line of questioning, inquiring into what is behind the surface.

    Recent solo exhibitions include: Xie Nanxing: A Roll of the Dice, Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing (2020); Xie Nanxing: A Gift Like Kung Pao Chicken, Thomas Dane Gallery, London (2019); Spices, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2018); untitled: 3 ×, Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing (2015), among others.

    Selected group exhibitions include: SNAPSHOT, Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing (2021); Minestrone, Galerie Urs Meile, Ardez, Switzerland (2021); Shifting, Pop-up Art Parcours, Galerie Urs Meile, Ardez, Switzerland (2020); 2020 – Song Art Museum Invitation Exhibition, Song Art Museum, Beijing (2020); Being of Evils, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2020); Psychic Wounds: On Art & Trauma, The Warehouse, Dallas (2020); Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany (2019); Chinese Whispers—Recent Art from the Sigg Collection, MAK Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna (2019); PARADOXA, Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea – Casa Cavazzini, Udine, Italy (2017); Permanent Abstraction: Epiphanies of a Modern Form in Escaped Totalities, Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing (2016); The 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival – “HISTORICODE: Scarcity & Supply”, Baijia Lake Museum, Nanjing (2016); SLIPPAGES, Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai (2016); Each to His Own: Li Wendong, Wei Xingye Collection Exhibition, OCAT Xi’An, Xi’An (2016); Wet Dreams, Salt Projects, Beijing (2016); New Capital Huang Yu Collection Exhibition (2007-2016), Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu, Chengdu (2016); DISSENSUS AGITATION – The Painting to Language, Today Art Museum, Beijing (2016); TOO LOUD A SOLITUDE – Stalkers of Chinese Contemporary Art, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2016), among others.


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