CUI Jie and YU Honglei will participate the 57th October Salon, one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary visual art in Serbia, starts on September 15, under the title THE MARVELLOUS CACOPHONY.The concept of the 57th October Salon rests on the fact that the Western perception of contemporary art has become universal and that “cacophony” has been the denominator of disparate art movements since the beginning of the 21st century. The reconsidering of art and what art can be seems to be the main thread of the exhibition’s concept. The name of the exhibition, The Marvellous Cacophony, suggests a constellation of works that express, through their forms, structures and content, the diversity and richness of the cacophonous expression as an important element or condition of the international scene of contemporary art at the beginning of this century. Through this exhibition, the curators will explore art production in the world; look into different art scenes, different generations. Structured in this way, the exhibition will represent “an installation as a mirror of the world,” as a diversified situation rich in cacophony. In contrast to its pejorative ring, The Marvellous Cacophony should be seen as a positive situation, that gives rise to a new type of energy, through which dissonant and even conflicting ideas and expressions can be transmitted; the state of coexistence of “multiple identities” that deviate from purity and convey common diversities, tolerance, multiplicity and, in fact, speaking in terms of democracy, respect for the other, in order to create a meaningful narrative on art and culture, social issues and politics.