News: Guan Xiao at Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin

Guan Xiao presents a selection of her works as part of “Jaguars and Electric Eels”, the latest group exhibition now on at Julia Stoschek Collection, Berlin. Exhibition runs through 26 November 2017.

Jaguars and Electric Eels describe a reality that no longer distinguishes between naturalness and artificiality but sees things as a whole and as equals. Starting with the idea of the kind of ecology that focuses not only on natural circumstances but also on the economic and socio-political situation, as well as on technological progress, the exhibition investigates an alternative interpretation of anthropology and zoology. Based on the expeditions of Alexander von Humboldt, a young naturalist who, between the years 1799 and 1804 during his visit to the American continent, pre-eminently observed how the forces of nature -- both animate and inanimate -- work together. The title of the exhibition is taken from a special edition of the New World chronicles in which he had recounted his observations.

Weather Forecast, From Unit 3 to Unit 7, and Amazon Gold -- mark three of Guan Xiao’s works featured in the exhibition. Weather Forecast is a triptych of video montages from the Internet that questions the nature of our experiences. The latter two of the three, which were initially exhibited at her solo exhibition for London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Flattened Metal (2016), similarly addresses the practice and the effects of commonly viewing things on a screen and online.


Weather Forecast, 3 channel video, color, sound, 2016

photo credit © Simon Vogel, Cologne


From Unit 3 to Unit 7 (Left), Amazon Gold (Right)

综合材料 mixed media, 450 (w) x 250 (h) x 190 (d) cm, 2016

photo credit © Simon Vogel, Cologne