NEWS: Karsten Födinger at Kunsthalle Wien

Karsten Födinger participates group show Béton in Kunsthalle Wien. The exhibition Béton (Concrete) emphasises the perpetually modern aspect of this material, while shining light on the social and ideological implications of past concrete architectures at the same time. 

The title of the work, Unterachmann, refers to the name of a small settlement in upper Austria. After emigrating to Germany, the artist's father started to build a house in Unterachmann, spending every summer holidays with construction works for more than two decades. In these days it was usual to work with the help of the whole community of family and neighbors. In return the artist’s family would help on the construction sites of others. The title points out the excessive physical examination with the production and set-up process of the piece as well as the collaborative motive of a performance of labor. 

Exhibition view at Béton


Unterachmann II, concrete, formwork panels, 2016

Unterachmann II,混凝土、模具,250 x 300 x 100 cm

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