NEWS: Wu Tsang and Liu Ding at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

Liu Ding and Wu Tsang will participate group exhibition Discordant Harmony at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei. Discordant Harmony is a project initiated by the Goethe-Institut in East Asia. It invites institutions, curators, artists and scholars to look into the ever-changing notion of ‘harmony’ in terms of history, art, society and people.

The curatorial collaboration re-approaches the issue of “Asia" through artistic practice and exhibition production. From political, economic and linguistic perspectives, global initiatives and problems of human society that occur in Asia are in fact global issues rather than region-specific. A renewed artistic imagination and a powerful artistic message are present in the artists’ interpretations and responses that originate from their individual lives, historical reflections, and social situations. This provides an important reference for us as we confront contemporary issues of diversification and global crises, as well as an imaginative space of energy and possibility.

刘鼎 | Liu Ding

1988(语言作为问题)| 1988 Language as Issue


bronze stick, archive, canvas

尺寸可变 | dimension variable


曾吴 | Wu Tsang

对联/对练 | Duilian

高清录像,彩色、有声 | HD video, color, sound



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