News: YU Honglei at Spring Workshop, Hong Kong

Entitled "Des Hôtes: a Foreigner, a Hman, an Unexpected Visitor", the group exhibition will be open to the public between 19 September and 13 December 2015, presenting Mud Ball-3 by YU Honglei. 

The fall program at Spring draws attention to the roles of host and guest. Over a three-month period, artist-devised tours, chocolate-reading, hypnosis and zoological lectures will take place alongside artworks in the exhibition space. Curated by Christina Li, the exhibition and events create a web of relations that magnify the nuances and politics mired in hospitality. 


Mud Ball - 3 
Stainless steel, poly-putty base, bronze, plastic, basketwork, resin, cast copper, foam, paint 
Edition 3