Past Exhibition | Antenna Space


Duration: 2013.09.27 - 2016.07.24
Hours: 10:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Artists:  CHEN Fei, DONG Dawei, GAO Lei, GENG Yini, GUAN Xiao, HUANG Yuxing, HONG Shaopei, JIANG Zhi, KONG Lingnan, LI Ming, WANG Yuyang, YAN Heng, YU Honglei, ZHANG Yexing, ZHOU Siwei
Address: 202, 50 Moganshan Rd, Building 17, Shanghai, China
We are announcing the opening of Antenna Space on September 27th, which is a professional art gallery located in M50 Shanghai. Antenna Space is opening with group exhibition including Chen Fei, Dong Dawei, Gao Lei, Geng Yini, Guan Xiao, Huang Yuxing, Hung Shaopei, Jiang Zhi, Kong Lingnan, Li Ming, Wang Yuyang, Yan Heng, Yu Honglei, Zhai Liang, Zhang Yexing and Zhou Siwei. The group exhibition will be untitled, every works was specifically commissioned for the exhibition, and they are individually parallel; we hope that the audience can focus on each art works instead of the theme of the exhibition. 

Meanwhile Antenna Space will be showcasing a young artist Han Bing’s solo exhibition in the VIP space including the works she created between 2011 and 2013; Han Bing graduated from CAFA with Bachelor degree majored in oil painting, and she continued her study in CAFA for master, followed by fine arts at Parson’s the New School in NYC. She currently works and lives in New York.