Past Art Fair | Messe Basel

Art Fair: Art Basel Basel 2017

Duration: 2017.06.15 - 2017.06.18
Hours: 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Artist:  GUAN Xiao
Address: Messeplatz 10, Basel, Switzerland

For Statements, Antenna Space Shanghai plans to present GUAN Xiao’s brand new work Air Freshener, Spray (2017), which is one whole body of installation work. The work consists of an ecosystem with a background made of the light-box, as well as the likeness of the artificial life forms, whose gaze would beam into the viewers and above. The concept of the work expands from her previous Sunset (2013) and Sunrise (2015), the atmospheric situations created for stimulating synthetic feelings. It’s part of the artist’s enduring artistic research on the sincerity of faux sensuous, as well as the potential of the nonhuman perspectives to re-distribute (y)our horizon of visibility. Guan assembles various components that either intensifies or extends the scope of the artistic currency: the exhaust pipe, artificial plants, pseudomuseological monuments, and projectors. These compressed objects aims to create the condition of the optimized sensational experiences. Here, what Guan has been keen on exploring is the condition of interobjectivity between the materials she presented. This links to her artistic idea that facilitates her installation and video (usually in triptych) practices, both of which suggest that there is a potential equivalence and therefore certain interchangeability between all the entities, what is needed is only the context suitable for such interchange to occur.