Past Art Fair | Regent’s Park, London, UK

Art Fair: Frieze Art Fair London 2016

Duration: 2016.10.05 - 2016.10.09
Hours: 12:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Artist:  YU Honglei
Address: Regent’s Park, London, UK
For Yu Honglei's debut in London, Antenna Space presents three of the artist’s latest sculptural works. Black Dragon River and Pine Flower River are relief panels in Chinese totem that is selected from his series. The colored panels in fluorescence blue are carved with cranes, whose necks gesticulated in a peculiar twist, and the style reminds one some of the old-fashioned ornament on Chinese streets. Each of the panels is coupled with a bath sprinkler; its water spray petrified into the bead curtains. For the artist, the shaping and the molding of the everyday life scene into an alienated one bespeaks the role of sculpture in Science Fiction practice. On the stand, the crane reliefs oversee a handful of human figures in miniature – They are seeds that are ripe over the summer and have fallen from the tree (A Long Hot Summer). It’s a poetic cipher that came out of his artistic bricolage. What Yu interested in is a kind of cross-medium plasticity that allows a cognitive leap between the visual currencies as employed by his works and their titles, allowing for a hermeneutic and polysemic output.