Past Alt. Proj | ANTENNA SPACE (Venue Supported by D-Space)

HAN Bing Solo Exhibition: Best Least Worst Option

Duration: 2015.03.06 - 2015.03.24
Artist:  HAN Bing
Address: D-Space No.4 North Gongti Street (Close to D Lounge, across the Rolling Stones), Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
On March 6, 2015, Antenna Space is proud to present Han Bing’s solo exhibition Best Least Worst Option. This is the artist’s first solo show in Beijing. It also marks the first attempt by Antenna Space to hold an exhibition outside its gallery space in Shanghai. “Best Least Worst Option” is originally from military jargon and here, Han Bing uses it to reflect her own working condition. Han Bing’s practice is a creative process saturated with conflicts and confrontations that she constantly builds up barriers for herself and tries to keep balance under pressure. She is perennially at war with herself. The title is a juxtaposition of three superlatives (best, least, worst) which precisely represent Han Bing’s challenging relationship with painting. And the word Option reveals a selective process in image-making and -editing, embodying Han Bing’s contemplation on the “meaning” of the image and its targeted “customer”.