Past Art Fair | Messe Basel

Art Fair: LISTE - Art Fair Basel 2016

Duration: 2016.06.14 - 2016.06.19
Artist:  LI Ming
Address: Messeplatz 10, Basel, Switzerland
First presented in Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing as a solo project, MEIWE is Li Ming’s visual investigation focusing on the conceptual and sensual relationship between the individual and the mass. The project consists of a video installation, a light box and a collaborative text with Beijing-based writer Guo Juan.
Departing from Muhammed Ali’s two-word poem, simply “me, we”, Li Ming starts the intellectual journey from the mirroring nature of the two first person pronouns. He adapts Glenn Ligon’s Give Us A Poem (Palindrome #2) (2007), a neon-light citation of “Me We”, into a logo of traffic light’s colors with opaque advertising demand encompassing the video work. In it, the filmic montage takes the various footages on jogging from documentaries, dramas, video games and advertisements, from Forrest Gump to Amsterdam Heat Map. With the low humming ambience, the artist installs the film in a dark room, with its aluminum-boarded corridor reflecting polychromatic beam lights. The room of the artwork therefore becomes the immersive apparatus for contemplation. The use of a logo, whose advertising nature has been replaced into a call to join the jogging crowd, is the core idea of the work “MEIWE”, that is, to create a circumstance in which an individual is trapped into the crowd without necessarily noticing it. Somewhere in the dark room, the text “The Appearance and Disappearance of a Group of People” examines the model of different amount of people gathering, and is available to the ones who find themselves to be the spectator and the contemplator at once.