Past Exhibition | Antenna Space

Nihilistic Belief

Duration: 2014.07.19 - 2014.09.05
Hours: 10:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Artists:  KONG Lingnan, LU Pingyuan, WU Ding, XIN Yunpeng, HOU Yong, LIAO Fei, SU Wenxiang, WANG Sishun, XU Qu, GUAN Xiao
Address: 202, 50 Moganshan Rd, Building 17, Shanghai, China
Antenna Space is privileged to announce the next group exhibition, Nihilistic Belief. Participating artists are Guan Xiao, Hou Yong, Kong Lingnan, Liao Fei, Lu Pingyuan, Su Wenxiang, Wang Sishun, Wu Ding, Xin Yunpeng and Xu Qu. With ten new installations, each of which echoes with the exhibition theme from a particular angle, the show incites a re-discussion about “Mono-ha”, in search of innate supports for solving the present crisis, within the debris of nihilism.

The early idea for the exhibition, which sets up a discussion related with space and numerical relations, comes from Tatehata Tetsu’s famous essay “Mono-Ha Movement and the Crisis of Japanese Modern Art” and is based on the artists’ original threads for creation, as well as their agreed visual experience and aesthetic judgments. The artworks are not directly related with “Mono-ha”, but refer more to the idea that: Under the comprehensive effects brought by a specific era and society, the metabolism inside the art system is born from the law of conservation of matter, the essence of which lies in the transformation of abstract form and construction, instead of transformation from the old concepts to the new ones. No artwork can escape geometry. The Bourbaki School in the 1930s contends that mathematic studies are the studies of abstract construction, and that the construction itself is a system of deduction, starting from primitive concepts and universal principles.

Here, the process of art creation is an evolution of logic, as well as the analysis of the language of the three-dimension. From outside, there is no conversation going between the artworks -- each one of them is independent and complete, but in fact their intentions are all connected: the revision of the meaning deprived of visual and sensual elements.