Cognitive Shape

Artist : GUAN Xiao

Serial Number: GX000021

When created: 2013

About the Work

Cognitive Shape is the first film of Guan utilizing triptych format, weaving various materials selected from her image bank into a video essay. The artist has made herself acting as an indexical figure to narrate the cognitive process of seeing. In the video, there are lithic and technological objects descending in a row, or the fatalistic image of snake feeding vis-à-vis clinical image of MRI scanning, explained with artist’s didactic tone, wearing a futuristic outfit. In such way, it seems that even contemporary utilities are infused with the pre-historical totem-liked aura. While her voice speculates on the cognitive condition with and without the conception of language, viewers would find her in later sequences testing her previous conclusion with her verbal interpretation, luring the audiences to view in the way she suggests.