Enzo Cucchi


    Enzo Cucchi (b. 1949) currently lives and works in Italy. As the central person of the 1980s Italian Neo-Expressionism, Enzo Cucchi was also one of the artists involved in the Transavanguardia movement. His large-scale oil paintings are characterized by their images which are simply or even primitively depicted, and they are often rendered in vivid, dramatic colors. Cucchi’s compositions are infused with violence. His confidence in gesture and colors resulted in the tableaux immediacy and drama in his works.

    Recent solo exhibitions: Enzo Cucchi, Balice Hertling, Paris (2020); Enzo Cucchi, Gian Ferrari Hall, Maxxi Museum, Rome (2019); Enzo Cucchi, Madragoa, Lisbon (2019); Le Due Soglie, Borgo di Vigoleno, Piacenza, Italy (2018); Enzo Cucchi, Balice Hertling, Paris (2017); Mostra scomparsa, The National Exemplar Gallery, New York (2017); Enzo Cucchi: 50 anni di grafica d’Artista, Spazio Officina, Max Museo, Chiasso, Swizerland (2017); Enzo Cucchi e i Guzzini, Galleria Idill’io, Recanati (2016); Enzo Cucchi, French Academy in Rome, Villa Medici, Italy (2016); Enzo Cucchi, 10 disegni, Galleria Scaramuzza, Lecce, Italy; Enzo Cucchi, Galleria Zero, Milan (2016); Enzo Cucchi, Castle of Vigoleno, Oratory of Madonna delle Grazie, Italy (2016), among others.

    Selected group exhibitions: On the Spiritual Matter of Art, MAXXI, Rome (2019); Classic Reloaded. Mediterranea, Audi Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon (2018); Classic Reloaded. Mediterranea, Audi Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon (2017); Creatures great and small, Tobias Mueller Modern Art, Zurich (2017); Animalia, Galleria Pio Monti, Rome (2017); Entro Dipinta Gabbia, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy (2017); Enzo Cucchi – Gang Of Ducks Soundsystem – Oddgrad, Coda Lunga, Vittorio Veneto, Italy (2017); Nessuna donna al mondo, Galleria Tricromia, Roma – Decades. Miarte, Milan (2017); Costellazione/Constellation 1, The National Exemplar (Gianni Politi studio), Rome (2017); Total Black, Villa Bardini in nero, Florence (2017); On the road, Galleria Pio Monti, Rome, Italy (2017); Enzo Cucchi, Dan Colen, Tano Festa, The National Exemplar Gallery, New York (2016); Enzo Cucchi and Michele De Lucchi, Arch and Art, Triennale di Milano, Milan (2016); Visioni Animali, Sculture D’Arte Contemporanea, State Tactile Museum Omero, Ancona (2016), among others.


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