Simon Denny


    Simon Denny (b.1982, Auckland) currently lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland and at the Städelschule, Frankfurt.

    Simon Denny is driven by the landscape of contemporary media culture, who works with installation, sculpture, print and video. He makes exhibitions that unpack the social and political implications of the technology industry and the rise of social media, startup culture, blockchain and cryptocurrency. His work challenges numerous themes entrenched in contemporary society’s globalized culture: the Internet, technological obsolescence, corporate culture, television broadcasting, and national identity.

    Considering the economic and social implications of recent information technologies, Denny’s research-based projects and exhibitions offer critical insight into the conditions of exchange and the production of knowledge in the digital world. Through a process that renders the immaterial flow of information into visible and tangible objects, Denny’s sculptural installations often approximate the visual language, style, and forms that are integral to the Internet and the culture that surrounds it. Internationally renowned for his vitrine sculptures inspired by cybernetic culture and surveillance policies, Simon Denny explores the materialization and commodification of meanings, experiences and information. Taking inspiration both from miracles and paradoxes of the recently born tech-culture, as well as from the frailty of our consumerist and hyper-realistic era, Denny’s work blur the boundaries that traditionally shape our experience of art, and always imply the viewer’s ability to establish a relation with the art object as an aesthetic and critical tool.


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