Paris+ par Art Basel 2023

October 18, 2023 – October 22, 2022
Grand Palais Éphémère
Booth No. F16

Antenna Space is pleased to announce its participation in the 2023 edition of Paris+ par Art Basel. The works of artists Guan Xiao and Zhou Siwei will be exhibited at Booth F16.

Guan Xiao and Zhou Siwei engage in a sophisticated dialogue that intertwines perspectives on science, technology, industrial production, labor, and craftsmanship. Guan Xiao’s sculptures influence and advance art by blending the language of modeling, technology, industrial design and apparel design from diverse cultures. These pieces blur the lines between organic and synthetic, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersection of nature, technology, and human intervention. Guan’s recent works lean towards abstract emotional experiences and memories, evolving from previous discussions of material and social issues. They explore the interaction between technology, industrial techniques, and humanity.

Zhou Siwei’s paintings simplify individual feelings, emotions and reflections hidden under the fast-changing daily appearances into a symbol, a curve, and a splash of color. He uses this classical iconography to describe the state of the complex reality of the present when it is linked with the personal world. For instance, the 5G signal in the wind and the driverless vehicles from Apple Inc. are no different from the depiction of magnificent landscapes and picturesque portraits; instead, in Zhou’s view, it is just a visual game between the observer and the objects in disparate time and space.

Both artists also explore the translation of images, languages, and materials. Root sculpture based on abstract expressionism and minimalistic spike fused together like mortise and tenon joinery, utilizing the paradoxical nature of traditional and contemporary, natural and man-made, complex and simple, to create and strike a balance. Zhou Siwei, on the other hand, parodies and plays with the logic and system of linguistic and image by means of homophonic puns. By juxtaposing the allure of technology with the reality of labor, Guan Xiao and Zhou Siwei encourage viewers to reflect on the hidden costs and price of progress.

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