Art Basel Hong Kong 2022

May 25 – May 29, 2022
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Booth No.1D04

Antenna Space will present with artist Guan Xiao and her latest artworks at the Art Basel Hong Kong 2022, booth No. 1D04.

Guan Xiao’s sculptures employ a three-dimensional collage approach that goes beyond the substantial materials, she uses a variety of conceptual materials, such as different themes, plots, texts and symbols…

Working in a playful manner, Guan Xiao weaves diverse and carefully selected objects across categories into a web of paradoxical relationships, allowing the differences between contradictory objects and concepts – hard/soft, rough/smooth, dark/vivid, traditional/modern, artificial/natural, real/fictional and among others. The tension of Guan’s sculptures lies in how these relationships exert their contradictory and mutually dissolving effects.

Guan Xiao reorganizes countless fragmented materials without pointing to any definite outcome, but rather letting the intense clashes among the fragments reveal an endless creativity. The process of enjoying her small sculptures becomes an open game into which the viewer enters, encountering the disassembly and reassembly of the sculptures in both substantial and conceptual terms, and then forming an abstract personal experience.

Artistic Statement




Spheres protrude from the wall,
Bulbous roots protrude from the trunk of a tree.

A well-defined, strongly structured sphere to any kind of surface is like
An attack from the outside,
A mutation from within.

The feather with light and soft texture
The hard and sharp metal surface,
Constitutes and expression that is both
Strong and slender.


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