Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2023

April 28, 2023 – May 1, 2023
National Agricultural Exhibition Center
Booth D4

Antenna Space is pleased to announce our participation in 2023 Beijing Contemporary Art Expo “REUNION” with artist Li Ming at booth D4. The Antenna Space booth along with Li Ming’s solo project “DUST ON CRUST ON COMBUST” won the Best Booth Award of the 2023 Beijing Contemporary Art Expo.

“10,000,000 frames per second”
Words by Li Ming / Translated by ChatGPT

Dust between fingerprints, falls on ash
Dust on ash, falls on fine sand
Dust falls on bread crumbs, then on salmon
Dust on debris, marries with rust
Dust falls on blueberries, then on oranges
Dust falls on garlic, then on scallions
Dust on bricks, deposits on granite
Dust falls on paper, then on plastic
Dust falls on burlap, then on birch
Dust falls on sliced ham, then on white bread
Dust on broken stones, turns into a chameleon on gravel
Dust falls on cold noodles, then on the pavement
Dust falls on a pencil, settles on small rocks
Dust falls on an ink bottle, then on crystal
Dust falls on a lighter, sticks to his/her drawing
Dust falls on cheese, then on mustard
Dust falls on pomegranates, then on eggs
Dust falls on a bamboo basket, then on a wooden board
Dust falls on beans, then on Newton’s head
Dust that despises trust, dust of materialism
Dust in fair adjustment, dust that doubts gravity
Dust that loves to watch bankrupt sisters, dust of anti-monopoly rust
Dust of severe wanderlust, all falls on the same strand of hair
Dust falls on a single strand of hair, falls on barren plains
Dust falls on forgotten pages, falls on the forgotten Great Compassion Mantra
Dust falls on withered flowers, falls on shattered mirrors
Dust falls on currency in a chain, drops on the surface of a deep well
Dust falls on a quiet piano, falls on ivory keys
Dust falls on worn shoes, drops on a lonely old dirt road
Dust falls on weathered faces, resides in the memory password box
Dust falls on restless hearts, falls on unknown surfboards
Dust falls on dying stars, falls on endlessly modifying parameters
Dust falls on wandering thoughts, falls on empty bottles of Xifeng liquor
Dust falls on tears of emoticons, falls into the forgotten unimportant
Dust on a worn-out keyboard, dust on a damaged toy, lost historical dust, wasted time dust, dust of autumn decay on falling leaves, dust of faded footprints on abandoned streets, dust on a rusty lock on a closed door, dust of unspoken words on a lonely bench, dust of unsent love on abandoned letters, dust of reflections on a broken tape, dust of etched names on weathered tombstones, dust of shattered hopes on strong hearts, dust of missed opportunities on empty chairs, dust of unheard cries on silent voices,
falling on the musical rhythm of AI


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