Dora Budor | “Emma Kunz Cosmos. A Visionary in Dialogue with Contemporary Art” @ Aargauer Kunsthaus


    Antenna Space is pleased to announce artist Dora Budor’s group exhibition Emma Kunz Cosmos. A Visionary in Dialogue with Contemporary Art will be open since March 2, and will last until May 24, 2021.

    Researcher, healer and artist, Emma Kunz (1892 – 1963) was born into humble conditions in the Canton of Aargau. She never had any artistic training but, at an early age, she became aware of her special clairvoyant and radiaesthetic abilities. From 1938 onwards, she began her geometrical drawings with the support of a pendulum. By 1963, she produced some 500 drawings on graph paper, which she used as a tool for her healing activity.

    Dora Budor creates reactive machines whose shapes – in indirect relation to Emma Kunz’s drawings – are guided by invisible forces. Budor is equally inspired by science fiction and its staging in cinema and the overwhelminq hybridisation of nature by human beings. The exhibited work comes from the Origin series and resembles a cross between a nature-studies display, a laboratory incubator and an industrial test chamber. In its inner enclosure it periodically emits dust and pigments whose colours and movement recall the atmosphere of William Turner’s historical paintings.


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