Guan Xiao | “Metamorphosis Overdrive” @ Kunstmuseum St. Gallen


    Antenna Space is pleased to announce artist Guan Xiao’s participation in the group exhibition Metamorphosis Overdrive at Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, exhibits her most recent sculpture works.

    Transformations of machines and tools play a central role in our collective imagination. The group exhibition Metamorphosis Overdrive examines these changes and transformations of everyday things and technical forms and their significance in the present. The exhibition brings together works by eight international artists.

    A car headlight suddenly assumes a face and seems to look at the viewer. The boundaries between human and machine, life and mechanical functioning are becoming blurred. Metamorphosis Overdrive focuses on this ambivalent and at the same time symbiotic relationship.

    The exhibition examines our consumer society’s obsession with objects, questions their appeal, and reveals their potential for frustration. Despite their cool aesthetic and standardized, industrial appearance, the sculptures establish an emotional and poetic relationship with the viewer.

    Starting on 7 March, the eight international artists in the exhibition at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen will analyze the new limits of sculpture from the perspective of technology and perception. The participating artists are Camille Blatrix, Timothée Calame, Rä Di Martino, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Yngve Holen , Diego Perrone, Ilona Ruegg, and Guan Xiao.

    Installation Views


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