Li Ming | “Zhu Changquan × Li Ming: Wild Cursive” @ Zhejiang Art Museum


    The theme of this exhibition is “Wild Cursive Wild Cursive”. A new series of 16 pieces (sets) of works created jointly by Zhu Changquan and Li Ming in 2020 will be exhibited. The two artists influence each other and exhibit works created with video, painting, installation, sculpture, behavior, and digital image output as media. The aim is to mix and ferment different media to generate a flow-sensitive atmosphere and pursue peak energy.

    The two artists started the partnership in a special period this year. Based on a language relation developed from their daily familiarity, Zhu Changquan and Li Ming started some small experimental creations about language. In cooperation, they treat each other as mirror information and then reflect on themselves. At the same time, they summarize the daily actions involved into more concise and abstract symbols which are then used to guide further actions. This behavior chain is like putting mirrors in daily life, and an infinite reflective space is formed between the mirrors. The black holes in the cracks draw the two artists again into an infinite algorithm system. “Wild Cursive Wild Cursive ” is an analogy to the emotional agitation that the artists perceives in the process of writing this language system, just like “tens of millions of roaming clouds”.

    Installation Views


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