Xu Qu:Ache

2018.05.06 – 2018.06.03

    Xu Qu:Ache

    “Ache” is XuQu’sthird solo exhibition at Antenna Space in Shanghai.

    “We should think about how to discover more questions in this complicated social system.” The artist sets such requirement for his own work. In 2017, Xu Qu bought a cemetery in rural Beijing as he has been contemplating the significance of cemetery to one’s existence. In the video Ling Shan*, the artist filmed the repetition of a hand gesture which is “a body language that satirizes in justice and criticizes law enforcement officers for taking bribes.” The hand gesture was then buried in the Ling Shan cemetery. The Fanatic expresses the artist’s yearning for a particular band’s live performance. The facial features of the fanatic fans in this video work are deformed and misplaced.

    Inside the gallery, the artist built a public toilet titled Latrine. This space is intended to showcase his encounters in small cities of Northern China. Unlike the public toilet in Ancient Rome, information comes from the objects spread on the floor. The installation Cemetery originates from the artist’s reflection on the concept of blue print; the shattered screens and covers aim to create a sense of ruthlessness in this social system.

    Ache is a feeling without a beginning or an end.

    Installation Views

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