Wang Shang


    Wang Shang (1984 – 2023) graduted from Goldsmiths and Royal College of Art in London, he then attended the course of the American Gemological Institute and became a certified gemologist.

    He has been simultaneously pursuing two careers, as an artist and a jeweler, both of which are rooted in his deep obsession with geology. While his artworks often refer to technology, nature, and the conundrum of the age of Anthropocene, Wang Shang’s duo-ego practice is developed from his frustration with established cultural values and judgement in relation to natural reality. His multidisciplinary practice moves seamlessly between painting, sculpture and film. Most of his works are part of long-term ongoing projects stemmed from his engagement in other fields than contemporary art. His insistence on geological reference and the unique interplay of identities has become his strategy in reviewing cultural production, and its relation with nature.

    Recent solo exhibitions: 6E2F, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China (2023); Irreversible Splendor, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China (2021); Dive Bomber, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China (2018); Skeleton in the Cupboard, Magician Space, Beijing, China (2016); Mr. Chicxulub, OCAT, Shenzhen, China (2014); Wang Shang: Sleuthing, organized by Song Dong, UCCA, Beijing, China (2011).

    Selected group exhibitions: White Holes: The Mysteries and Modern Perceptions of Oracle Bone Script, 798CUBE, Beijing, China (2023); A Place for Concealment, Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing, China (2022); Metaphorical Reality, Almine Rech, Shanghai, China (2020); Factories, Machines and the Poet’s Words: Echoes of the Realities in Art, A07 of 798 Art Zone Buildings, Beijing, China (2019) ; New Video in China: New Attitude Since 2010, OCAT, Anren, China(2018); A World in a Grain of Sand: Mapping Shapes and Sites for Social Geometries—An Exhibition drawn from the Fosun Foundation Collection, Sanya, China (2018); Position, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, US (2018); Sea of Sand and Oasis of Green, Ordos Museum, Ordos, China (2017); Still Human, Rubell Family Collection, Miami, US (2017); Art Basel Statement, Basel, Switzerland (2017); Southern Wind, Antenna Space, Shanghai, China (2015); Sovrapposizioni Di Immagini, Casa Dei Carraresi, Treviso, Italy (2015); Alchemy, Between Art Lab, Shanghai, China (2015); New Works—From the Issue of Art to the Issue of Position: Echoes of Socialist Realism, OCAT, Shenzhen, China (2014) and among others.



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