Mire Lee


    Mire Lee (b.1988) was born in Seoul, South Korea. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam. She creates sculptural representations of the tense, uncertain zone between love and hate. Originating in the interaction between the artist and her created bodies of work, Lee’s sculptures are formed from materials such as steel, silicone, and clay, and function with low-tech kinetics and animatronic-like technology. Most of her pieces are site-specific, humanlike, and defined by affection. The tension comes from a personal attraction and attachment that also contains a strong layer of anxiety; jointly these feelings are transferred onto the sculptures, emotionally laden volumes that reveal hereditary discomfort. Lee perceives her practice as a consequence of ambivalent relations in which she takes ardent care of both her material input and sculptural outcomes. She testifies that her affective sculptural dedication can easily slip into fondness, fetishistic obsession, voyeurism, violation, or violence. Thus, her practice revolves around an abusive, almost masochist, relationship in which Lee wants to dominate and mould the material, have it surrender to her wants. At the same time, it is a reciprocal process in which the artist herself also is deeply affected by these intimate confrontations.

    Lee has taken part in various exhibitions, including the solo exhibition War Isn’t Won by Soldiers It’s Won by Sentiments (Insa Art Space) and the group exhibitions Moving / Image (Arko Art Center), 2016 Media City Seoul “NERIRI KIRURU HARARA” (Seoul Museum of Art), 15th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale “Where Water Comes Together with Other Water”, among others.


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