Art Basel Basel 2024

Booth N9

VIP Preview

June 11 – 12, 2024

Public Days

June13 – 16, 2024


Antenna Space is pleased to announce its participation in Art Basel 2024, presenting works by Cong Cong, Owen Fu, Guan Xiao, Han Bing, Mire Lee, Stanislava Kovalčíková, Yu Honglei, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Zhou Siwei, and many others at Booth N9 in Hall 2.1. Meanwhile, Nancy Lupo’s work will be exhibited at the Basel Social Club, and Peng Zuqiang’s video work Autocorrects (2023) will be shown at Art Basel Parcours.

The logical transformation of different orientations, the graphic elements that continue the stylized characteristics, and the exploration and experimentation of new topics in contemporary art, make these works uniquely interesting. Han Bing‘s works are filled with the close connection between painting and image archives in public memory, the fun of illustration or intellectual archaeology, disturbing the logic of figuration through scraping, overlapping, spraying, and smearing. The unsettling and tumultuous red paint grows into a self-growth of overlapping and cultural thinking about life. Cong Cong‘s works lasted for five years of observational thinking, and knitted together so a “Tree of Life”, the spirit of all things is not only the dialectical unity of material motion and static, but also the beauty of the inner logic of Cong Cong’s paintings, which glows with the moment and eternity of all things; Owen Fu continues the expression of sincere emotions and bare desires in his works, and the figures or the lines of sight in his paintings are just like the artist’s comparison with himself, as if responding to ardent longings, hopeful visions, through one’s own sincerity, in order to evoke a state of pure emotion. Stanislava Kovalcikova‘s picture is like a walking psychological map, the interlacing of lines of sight and the change of viewpoints are constantly circulating in his works, and the representations of his images are rich in interest; In Zhou Siwei‘s works, the dancers wearing hats and female nudes stand out against the serene background, as if demonstrating a spirit of freedom and liberation. The hanging chains, strange sculptures and spheres with Asian maps further enhance the dreamy and mysterious atmosphere of the images, utilizing both realistic and surreal elements to create a unique and thought-provoking visual experience; Evelyn Taocheng Wang‘s insertion of figurative elements into the modernist grid seems to find a suitable boundary for a certain medium, just like the organs of the body, or to create separation and wholeness through the lightness and fluidity of the lines, which is also a camouflage for teasing the universality of minimalism.

At the same time, the works of Yu Honglei have the logic of typological arrangement —— the dots, lines, and surfaces in the drawings —— provide an entry point for the existence of the constituent units in space and time, reflect the artist’s grasp and understanding of the material flow; while Mire Lee‘s works are one of the components of her overall installation or sculpture in those huge spaces or parts of the body, as if tracing the trajectories in the world of alienation, exploring the pleasure of beauty in the collapse of boundaries; Guan Xiao uses rich techniques to create various types of twists and turns, using materials in the realm of opposites and even conflicts to transform into cohesive materials, her works reconcile possibilities and hidden crises, provide unforgettable imaginings of our upcoming, chaotic and confusing future in a humorous or playful way.

Basel Social Club

Nancy Lupo, whose work will participate in the Basel Social Club, frequently focuses on the presence of things, materials, and spaces around us.

Art Basel Parcours

Peng Zuqiang‘s video work Autocorrects (2023), which will be presented at Art Basel Parcours, focuses on the production of discourses and historical archaeology in specific objects, giving his work a multitude of latent connections and emotional traces.


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